Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017: Santa Monica Beach Trash Report

Another day of the constant accumulation of #beachtrash near the water's edge along Santa Monica State Beach between the Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park that continues to be basically ignored by the City of Santa Monica and which continues to threaten public health and safety.

Here are the photos and videos of this morning's audit:

*** Video Alert ! ***

Santa Monica Beach Trash, May 6, 2017: The Video

Just look at this #beachtrash, right out in the open and very visible.  Easy to collect and remove, right?!...  Apparently not, however, because the City does not have anyone walk along the shoreline to pick it up and remove it on either a daily or regular basis...


Below, Happy Anniversary, indeed!...

Below:  Nice!... a used and soiled diaper on the berm right out in front of luxury hotel, CASA DEL MAR!...

There is some hope, at least from a well known volunteer organization and beach friendly non-profit, namely, L.A. Waterkeeper, which was setting up for what they confirmed was a beach clean up today, although they told me they did not expect to clean up as far as the Santa Monica Pier...  In other words, they only were apparently planning on cleaning up adjacent to Bay St. and the Pico-Kenter Storm Drain...  Anything is better than nothing, of course, the latter of which is principally the ongoing M.O. of the City of Santa Monica in it's continued failure to daily or regularly clean up the #beachtrash near the water's edge.

*** Video Alert ! ***

Beachtrash South of Bay St.: The Video

Note: This is also right about the time that a City of Santa Monica beach tractor driver stopped to confront me loudly about my collecting the #beachtrash and storm debris along the berm as shown above.  Go figure!...

And there he goes below on his way. As you can see, the tractor stays well beyond the berm and away from the water's edge where I collect #beachtrash. In other words, the #beachtrash and storm debris that I collect and place on the berm does not interfere with the tractor.

To reiterate... if I did not collect all of this #beachtrash and storm debris near the water's edge IT WOULD NOT BE PICKED UP BY THE CITY either daily or regularly.

Above and below, further proof that the tractor does not clean along the berm or down to the water's edge.

Below, typical bamboo storm debris that is left near the water's edge uncollected by the City of Santa Monica.  The only time this is collected at all by the City is when I collect it and place it on the berm with #beachtrash as noted in several photos above.  In other words, the collection that I do myself is practically the only way this storm debris gets removed from the beach!...  Even the volunteer groups like HEAL THE BAY and L.A. WATERKEEPER do not typically pick up the storm debris.

All of this storm debris (bamboo, etc.) near the water's edge is virtually ignored by the City of Santa Monica even though it is dangerous to beach patrons health and safety...

There goes the same tractor again way up beyond the berm and on the soft sand and well away from the water's edge... the same water's edge where the City does NOT collect and/or remove #beachtrash, etc. on either a daily or regular basis.

On a good note, these two dudes from the City of Santa Monica sanitation dept. in the pick up truck below were collecting and removing the #beachtrash and storm debris that I had collected along the berm last nite (05/06/13; see blog link below) and this morning!... in addition to a bunch of dead birds I had found at the water's edge last nite (five) and this morning (four, one of which they collected and removed, the rest I found after they had departed to do other work).


Santa Monica State Beach Cinco de Mayo 2017 #Beachtrash Report

Below: More storm debris below the berm and near the water's edge ignored and virtually never collected or removed by the City of Santa Monica...

Below is an example of some bamboo well above the berm and along where trucks and tractors drive and where it can be crushed, broken and buried and become a dangerous hidden object someone could step on.

An additional dead bird that I observed near the water's edge adjacent to lifeguard tower 28 just south of Ocean Park...

Above and below, one more dead bird for a total of an additional two dead birds just south of lifeguard tower 28 which I placed on the berm with storm debris so the City could collect it all and remove it all from the beach.  Note: if these dead birds are left near the water's edge they are typically not observed by anyone from the City because no one from the City is walking the water's edge and hand picking up #beachtrash, etc.

Above and below, a fourth dead bird that I observed near the water's edge and placed on the berm with storm debris so that the City could stop and collect and remove it all.

That's it for today!  A Stunning, Horrendous and Incredible Amount of #beachtrash and storm debris virtually ignored by the City of Santa Monica.  The only way any of this gets collected and removed from the beach is if I carry it up to the berm and create #beachtrash totems for the City to see and hopefully stop and pick it all up and remove it from the beach.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica business owner

*** The purpose of this blog remains to bring recognition to this continuing blight of #beachtrash, etc. and to persuade the City of Santa Monica to do what it is obligated to do and that which it's spokesperson has said that it does, namely, that it's crew walks near the water's edge and hand picks up the trash.  This blog repeatedly illustrates, however, that this is simply not the case and the City does not, in fact, either daily or regularly clean up #beachtrash, storm debris, etc. near the water's edge.

*** This blog is the personal blog of William E. Maguire.

(All photos and videos by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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