Sunday, June 18, 2017

"Why Wednesday Morning?!...

Why Wednesday Morning?!... but not Saturday Morning or Sunday Morning?!

Why does the City of Santa Monica apparently only hand pick up #beachtrash near the water's edge on Wednesday Morning?  What is it about Wednesday?  One day a week. The middle of the work week.

After all, it is on the WEEKEND that the beach sees the most use by the general public.  Why not have someone hand pick up the trash near the water's edge on Saturday and Sunday Morning?!...

Below are photos I took this morning, Sunday, June 18, 2017, of #beachtrash left behind yesterday (Saturday, June 17th) that was left uncollected by the City of Santa Monica between the Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park that I observed between the lifeguard towers and the water's edge.

The City tractors did not pick or rake any of this up this morning and it was left there for the Sunday beach goers to have to sit beside and/or try to avoid.  Doesn't seem right to me that the general public which pays a premium for beach parking has to sit beside #beachtrash, esp. on the weekend.

All because the City of Santa Monica does not see fit to send an employee down to the shoreline to pick it up on either Saturday and/or Sunday morning.  Why?...  In my opinion, it is because the #beachtrash by the water's edge continues to NOT be a priority for the City of Santa Monica.  The City is apparently just fine with the general public that it encourages and invites to the beach to have to sit with #beachtrash beside where they lay their towels and where they spend a day at the beach with their families and children, etc.

I also spoke to the lifeguard at Tower #26 at Ocean Park at approx. 9 a.m. and he told me that as he drove from the pier to Tower #26 at 8 a.m. along the berm he observed a great deal of #beachtrash left over from Saturday, including 5 - 6 empty and discarded glass bottles that he stopped and got out of the vehicle and picked up and disposed of.  That's NOT his job, of course, but because the City of Santa Monica continues to apparently not give a hoot about #beachtrash near the water's edge, it is left to others to deal with or not.... Why can't the City have an employee out there walking the beach at 7 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday morning?  Why Not?!  The City KNOWS that there is #beachtrash near the water's edge and it continues to IGNORE it!  Why?  My opinion continues to be that the City lacks the civic integrity to clean it up before the general public arrives by the thousands to enjoy the beach. Meanwhile, the City is still able to collect beach parking fees...  Go figure.....

If I were in charge, the beach would be cleaned before Tongva Park or the grounds surrounding City Hall, that's for sure. Even the Pier gets more attention to trash collection that the beach!   

While it is appreciated that the City cleans up by the water's edge on Wednesday mornings, WHY NOT ON THE WEEKEND?!.....  

***  Public health and safety continues to be at risk due to this continued failure. 

#Beachtrash Photos, Sunday morning, June 18, 2017:

Why is this OK?!...  A City proud of its beaches would not ignore the #beachtrash, esp. on the weekend during a heat wave!

All of this #beachtrash during an expected heat wave this weekend and STILL the City cannot
devote a single employee to hand pick up the #beachtrash near the shoreline!

Sorry Folks, YES you have to pay for beach parking AND you get to sit next to #beachtrash.
Welcome to Santa Monica State Beach!...

Disgusted in Santa Monica,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica business owner

(All photos and video by & Copyright William Maguire, unless otherwise indicated.)

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