Friday, November 25, 2016

#BlackFriday Santa Monica BeachTrash Report

"Ode to MODELO®" beer... the most discarded beer brand on the beach
Dateline: Friday, November 25, 2016...

You would think that the City of Santa Monica would work extra hard to clean the beach for all the people in town over Thanksgiving Weekend visiting family and friends..... but you would be WRONG, unfortunately!...

While a great deal of the obvious litter and debris has been removed from the beach after this past week's "First Flush" storm of rain water and run off from Sunday, Nov. 20th  - Monday, Nov. 21st,
there is still a great deal of #beachtrash along the shore line that is symptomatic of the City of Santa Monica's failure to clean up the beach due to the lack of civic integrity to do so.  A continuing blight it is for all who enjoy the beach and like to walk and play along the shore line.

Below are photos from today which shows the #beachtrash that the City of Santa Monica has not bothered to clean up along the water's edge...

Below, aluminum foil debris that I also noticed yesterday on Thanksgiving Day and which shows that the City of Santa Monica has not cleaned along the water's edge the past two days plus...

Question: If you were on the City Council or if you were the Mayor of a City that has the privilege and benefit of being situated beside the Pacific Ocean, would you ignore the #beachtrash and let it sit out there for visitor's and beach patrons to have to contend with? Just look at this beautiful coastline below.  This natural resource should be respected and attended to on a regular basis by having the people that are paid to do so clean up the #beachtrash, even if they have to get out of their trucks and hand pick up the #beachtrash... as a City spokesperson represented is done on a regular basis... but which our continuing audits show is not, in fact, done.

Below, too bad that there aren't signs by this storm runoff pond (at the outlet of the infamous Pico-Kenter Storm Drain) that has accumulated this past week and that is full of filthy water so that the family of this little girl would know that it is very much polluted and is detrimental to her health and well being!...

How come the City of Santa Monica is not cleaning up all of this #beachtrash?!...

*** Video Alert ! ***

Black Friday Santa Monica Beach Trash: The Video


Just look at how gorgeous this stretch of beach is!... Why does the City of Santa Monica not clean up the #beachtrash along the high tide line that is littered with debris?!...  It boggles the mind!  This natural resource that is so heavily advertised and promoted by the City of Santa Monica, the Visitor's Bureau, etc., and yet the same effort is not undertaken to clean up the #beachtrash on a regular basis.  It is shameful and it is a disgrace!

If the past is any lesson or indication of what will happen to all of this #beachtrash illustrated in the above photos and video, it is likely that it will be a charitable organization like HEAL THE BAY or members of the public that will tend to this #beachtrash.  In effect, the City of Santa Monica will just sit back and wait for someone else to clean it up because it is apparently too much effort for the sanitation dept. staff to walk along the tide line and hand pick it up.  Yes, it is challenging to clean up the #beachtrash, particularly after the "First Flush", but lack of sustained effort is no excuse for not getting it done.  In my opinion, the City of Santa Monica is dysfunctional when it comes to a responsible effort being undertaken on a regular basis to hand pick up the #beachtrash along the water's edge and high tide line.  But you can be sure that the City of Santa Monica will continue to advertise and promote its beaches to the public on social media, e.g., Twitter, etc... 

Such a continuing lack of effort to clean up the #beachtrash is tremendously disappointing and unfair to the public that is solicited and encouraged to visit the beach and that pay taxes, exorbitant beach parking rates, etc.

If you care about having a clean beach in Santa Monica, please contact City Hall and let them know what you think of all the #beachtrash along our shoreline.  Thank you for your consideration.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica business owner

(All photos and video by & Copyright William Maguire 2016.)

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