Wednesday, November 2, 2016

B+ Grade For Santa Monica Beach Today!...

Dateline: Wednesday morning around 10 a.m. along Santa Monica Beach between the Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park... I walked the beach along the shoreline and I must say that the beach along the water's edge, along the berm and beyond the berm to the back of the beach was pretty darn clean and there was only a minimal amount of visible #beachtrash items.  This was truly nice to experience and if the City of Santa Monica is responsible for the beach being cleaned up, many thanks go out to the City and the Sanitation Dept.  The Jury is out, however, on who is actually responsible for the beach clean up. I have yet to ever see a City crew walking along the water's edge hand picking up trash. More likely, it was volunteers who cleaned up the beach or perhaps it was the City. 

Call me skeptical but the "American Film Market" is in town this week and the host hotel, the Loews, is directly off the beach that we walk along... so perhaps the beach was cleaned because thousands of film industry professionals are in town and it would not be a complimentary welcome to these visitors to walk a beach full of #beachtrash.

In any case, we took photos on our walk from the Santa Monica Pier to Ocean Park and back to the pier to share with our audience and you will see for yourself just how beautiful this stretch of beach truly is, particularly when it is nearly free of #beachtrash...

See how clean the beach is both to the left an dright of the tire mark!...  Impressive.  This area to the left below is typically filthy with #beachtrash as our multiple prior blog posts and audits have illustrated.

I counted just six (6) noticeable items of #beachtrash which I photographed and which can be seen below... Usually, there's a great deal more #beachtrash along this stretch of beach, esp. adjacent to the world famous Santa Monica Pier...

Surf & Skate... a beautiful morning for both, indeed!.....

Below, in the distance next to the Santa Monica Pier at mid frame is a class of elementary school aged children leaving the beach with their teachers... so I am glad that the beach was clean this morning so they would have a good impression of it...

Honestly, in my opinion, I am not convinced that the City of Santa Monica has staff that are walking the beach along the water's edge and hand picking up the #beachtrash.  While I am very grateful for the fact that the beach was clean this morning, only time will tell if the City is going to keep this beach clean along the water's edge.  For example, I saw a beach sanitation truck drive down the beach along the berm with two men in the truck and they could have stopped their truck, stepped out and picked up the #beachtrash items I photographed above. 

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica business owner

(All photos by & Copyright William Maguire 2016.)

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