Saturday, December 10, 2016

Santa Monica #BeachTrash Report: Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dateline: Saturday morning, December 10, 2016 along Santa Monica Beach between the world famous Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park, I walked along the water's edge and took photos of the abundant #beachtrash, as well as dead birds that remain uncollected and/or disposed of by the City of Santa Monica.  Contrary to a City of Santa Monica Spokesperson, it is obvious that no one from the City is walking along the water's edge and hand picking up #beachtrash.  This beach is absolutely filthy with plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic and paper waste, etc.  It is absolutely disgusting and threatens the public safety and health of the public. One would think that the City of Santa Monica would make sure that there was at least one person in the employment of the City that would walk along the water's edge and hand pick up the #beachtrash.  Unfortunately, that is just not the case and it has been this way for quite some time now with no indication that it will ever change.

I walked all the way to the City of Santa Monica border with Venice and kept going... returning to Santa Monica around 11 a.m. (over 2 hours later) and checked to see if any of the above-referenced #beachtrash had been picked up between Bay St. and the Santa Monica Pier and, unfortunately, the same #beachtrash was observed as is shown below in the following additional photos:

That's well over 100 photos documenting the horrific and abundant #beachtrash along the water's edge in the City of Santa Monica that remains uncollected and/or disposed of by the City of Santa Monica and which will most likely not ever be disposed of by the City of Santa Monica as it continues to ignore this disgusting and ongoing public health and safety hazard.

These photos do not get circulated by the City of Santa Monica in its advertising and promotion to the general public which is directed to the general public for the purpose of getting their patronage and money, including exorbitant parking fees in the beach parking lots... And in return for this investment of time and money does the general public get clean beaches?  Unfortunately, the answer is NO!

Too bad the City of Santa Monica does not care enough about its citizens and the general public that visit the beach to clean up the #beachtrash along the water's edge on a regular basis, especially on the weekend when the beaches see more people visiting Santa Monica.

It is our continued hope that the powers that be in the City of Santa Monica will get their act together and see that at least one person on its payroll walks the beach and hand picks up this #beachtrash.  Not an unreasonable demand, one would think...

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica business owner

(All photos by & Copyright William Maguire 2016.)

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