Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Wednesday, December 28, 2016: Santa Monica Beach Trash Report

Dead bird at Santa Monica Beach...
Dateline: Wednesday morning at and after 10 a.m. along Santa Monica Beach between the Santa Monica Pier and south to Bay St. and back, including the Pico-Kenter storm drain outflow with our focus on the continuing hazardous amounts of #beachtrash left uncollected and/or discarded by the City of Santa Monica along the water's edge.  Another dead bird was observed this morning right next to the Santa Monica Pier which the City could certainly have picked up had they had staff walk the water's edge and hand pick up #beachtrash, which the City does not do either regularly and certainly not daily because of a lack of concern and failure of leadership and commitment to do the right thing to protect the public health, safety and welfare.

The following three (3) photos show that the City sanitation equipment does sometimes use their rakes along the water's edge in spite of their representation that they do not do so in order to protect microorganisms in the wet sand...  Frankly, this is an uncertain and ambiguous policy at best.

I observed a broken glass bottle in the sand along the water's edge left uncollected by the City of Santa Monica.  I placed sticks of wood around the broken glass so it could be avoided by beach patrons, followed by a notice to the City of Santa Monica via it's Twitter page.  Hopefully, the City will send someone out to clean it up properly.  If the City had staff that walked the beach, as it says it does, they would have observed this broken glass and cleaned it up.

Below, additional photos that illustrate the irregular pattern of the beach tractor towing a rake that seemingly cleans over the portion of the beach that the City has stated it does not rake with mechanical equipment due to microorganisms in the sand...  In other words, it is an uncertain and ambiguous policy at best and at worst a lame excuse for not cleaning the beach along the water's edge...

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The Irregular and Uncertain Pattern of Raking At The Water's Edge: The Video

Below, several photos of the continuing build up of #beachtrash at the Pico-Kenter Storm Drain that the City of Santa Monica has not yet collected and/or disposed of.....

This is what the beach looks like by the water's edge out front of luxury hotels, Shutters At The Beach, and Casa Del Mar!...  #Disgusting!

Below, #BeachTrash laden Pico-Kenter Storm Drain out front of SHUTTERS and CASA DEL MAR!...  Do these hotels realize that the City is not cleaning the beach by the water's edge in front of their properties?  They must by now.  If I were hotel management I would insist that the City clean this up.  All the hotel taxes collected by these hotels and this is what the beach looks like out front of their properties?!...  It's ghastly and outrageous, in my opinion.

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Pico-Kenter Storm Drain #BeachTrash: The Video

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Kids At Play Amidst Santa Monica Beach Trash: The Video

On my way back to where I started I passed again the broken glass bottle which had as yet neither been observed nor collected by the City of Santa Monica because the City refuses to assign staff to walk the beach and hand pick up #beachtrash on either a regular or daily basis, in spite of the City claiming that this is being done...

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Broken Glass In Sand At Water's Edge At Santa Monica Beach: The Video

Last but not least, the following photo is what the City of Santa Monica would like the public to believe its beaches look like but as our photos and videos illustrate, any representation by the City that its beaches are clean of #beachtrash is a continuing misrepresentation upon the public which continues to threaten the public health, safety and welfare.  It's shameful and disgraceful.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica business owner

(All photos and videos by & Copyright William Maguire 2016.)

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