Thursday, August 17, 2017

More #SantaMonica #BeachTrash: August 17, 2017

Dateline: Thursday morning, August 17, 2017... This morning I photographed #beachtrash near the water's edge uncollected by the City of Santa Monica between the Pico-Kenter storm drain (at lifeguard tower #18) to the Santa Monica Pier, a distance of approximately 1/4 mile.  It was obvious that the only thing that the City once again did was to use their tractors and rakes. This, of course, does not collect the #beachtrash between the high tide line and the water's edge which remains ignored most every day by the City of Santa Monica and today was no exception. 

The fact of the matter is that the City of Santa Monica is not inclined to devote any human resources to ACTUALLY hand picking up and disposing of #beachtrash near the water's edge. Instead, the City principally relies on their tractors and rakes even though this does not completely clean all of the beach, and in particular, the use of the tractors does not address the significant day after day build up of #beachtrash near the water's edge.

The failure to daily dispose of #beachtrash near the water's edge is intentional on the part of the City of Santa Monica and represents a continuing threat to public health and safety and unfortunately the City of Santa Monica could care less.

Here are today's photos:

Above and below, MODELO® beer remains the most popular beer brand to have a second life as #beachtrash in Santa Monica.  This cult beer brand apparently attracts scofflaws and litterbugs who could care less about the negative impact of their selfish and inconsiderate behavior.  Add to that the near total apathy of the City of Santa Monica in terms of ignoring its obligation to daily clean up #beachtrash and you have the recipe for a continuing threat to public health and safety.

The only person I saw picking up #beachtrash near the water's edge this morning, besides myself, was this civilian shown in the photo immediately below. Good for her!  As for the City of Santa Monica, it remains AWOL day after day...

Above and below, a dead bird carcass remains uncollected AND ignored by the City of Santa Monica...  This is also probably the same dead bird carcass I noticed in this same area of the beach by the Santa Monica Pier this past Tuesday, August 15th, that I previously posted to this blog...

A Special Treat below!...  What we have here is a "Santa Monica Beach Trash Cocktail" composed of two discarded plastic beverage containers (found near the water's edge and ignored by the City of Santa Monica), with a lime and a sunflower; and a cameo by the world famous Santa Monica Pier...

You can make your own too!... All you have to do is walk near the water's edge and you will find uncollected #beachtrash ignored day in day out by the City of Santa Monica (that could care less about #beachtrash near the water's edge)...

OR...  how about a Santa Monica Beach Trash Cocktail with a lime, a sunflower, and a sea gull chaser?!...

If you are not disgusted, you are not paying attention.  Anyone thinking of bringing their family to the beach in Santa Monica should consider another option because they are bound to encounter uncollected beachtrash, dead birds and other debris which represent a public health and safety threat.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Attorney at law,
Concerned citizen

(All photos by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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