Saturday, August 26, 2017

Saturday, August 26, 2017: Santa Monica Beach Trash Report

Dateline: Saturday morning, August 26, 2017 along Santa Monica State Beach from the water's edge at 2400 Ocean Front Walk (adjacent to lifeguard tower #24) to the southern end of SM State Beach at 2900 Ocean Front Walk (aka, Tower #29)...

Here are the photos of the beach near the water's edge which shows where the City of Santa Monica's tractor and rake operate and where the tractors DO NOT OPERATE, e.g., between the high tide line and the water's edge.

The beach both below the high tide line and above it between 2400 Ocean Front Walk (Tower #24) and 2700 Ocean Front Walk (Tower #27) is pretty darn clean and absent of noticeable #beachtrash, thankfully, as the photos above and below demonstrate.  In other words, so far so good in today's audit!...

Arriving near 2800 Ocean Front Walk (Tower #28), I observe an empty glass bottle below the high tide line RIGHT OUT IN THE OPEN!...  If the City of Santa Monica had ONE PERSON to inspect the beach near the water's edge, this could have been observed and disposed of properly by the City of Santa Monica.  Instead, because the City is negligent, this bottle remains on the sand posing a safety hazard for beach patrons today!...

The Curse of MODELO®...  the most popular cult brand of beer that is most likely to be found near the water's edge as #beachtrash!...

I buried it partially in the sand by its neck so that it is less likely for a beach patron to roll their ankle and step on it and be injured.

... not far behind in the rankings of beer brands as #beachtrash is PACIFICO®...

Two more glass bottles of PACIFICO® half buried up to their necks near the water's edge and UNCOLLECTED and IGNORED by the City of Santa Monica.  The continuing failure to daily walk the water's edge and hand pick up #beachtrash represents a continuing act of gross negligence, in my opinion, on the part of the City of Santa Monica which has actual knowledge of #beachtrash in the form of bottles and cans being left overnight near the water's edge and which remains day and day on the beach near the water's edge because the City lacks the integrity to clean it up.

Two (2) half crushed aluminum cans of MODELO® beer left behind by the City of Santa Monica tractors and rakes which catch quite a bit of trash BUT NOT EVERYTHING.  The failure of the City of Santa Monica to address this problem with anything other than a tractor is also gross negligence, in my opinion.

Below, the art installation I created and left behind for the City of Santa Monica near the water's edge adjacent to 2900 Ocean Front Walk (and lifeguard tower #29) composed of the 3 empty glass bottles of PACIFICO® beer and 2 aluminum cans of MODELO® beer...

Last but certainly not least, near the turnaround point for the City of Santa Monica tractors but not collected by the City is a deflated mylar balloon near the water's edge...

If even ONE PERSON walked along the water's edge on a daily basis, this #beachtrash not collected by the City's tractors could be properly disposed of!  An absolutely SIMPLE FIX!... which the City negligently and stubbornly continues to avoid... because it does NOT care about #beachtrash near the water's edge that threatens the public health and safety.

The City of Santa Monica does NOT care about #beachtrash near the water's edge, in my opinion.  The City has demonstrated day after day after day that it is only willing to address #beachtrash with their tractors and rakes above the high tide line.  Any #beachtrash below the high tide line to the water's edge is continually ignored and left uncollected where it can be stepped on by beach patrons, including children. 

The State of California and its Attorney General should act immediately to protect the general public from this continuing public health and safety threat.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Attorney at law, and
Concerned citizen

(All photos by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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