Saturday, April 8, 2017

Santa Monica Beach Trash Report: Friday, April 7, 2017

Dateline: Friday, April 7, 2017, at approx. 5:40 pm, I walked from the Santa Monica Pier south toward Ocean Park and took photos along the way of the #beachtrash near the water's edge uncollected and/or otherwise not disposed of by the City of Santa Monica.  It became obvious to me that there had been NO collection and/or disposal of any #beachtrash both on Friday and the day before that we have previously blogged about here.

In any case, here are the photos I took between approximately 5:40 pm and 6:30 pm between the Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park.

Above and below, a used and soiled diaper that we saw yesterday as well. Now in its 2nd day on Santa Monica State Beach near the water's edge and still uncollected and/or not disposed of by the City of Santa Monica.  The City apparently doesn't care that the beach going public share the sand with a used and soiled diaper.

Below, a bird snacking on an empty bag of potato chips. This is how plastic gets into the stomachs of birds.

The reason that there is so much paper, plastic, glass and aluminum on the beach near the water's edge is two fold:  (1) there are a fair amount of beach patrons that do not dispose of their trash; and (2) the City of Santa Monica does not hand pick it up either daily or regularly.

Below, this plastic bowl was buried in the sand...

2017 is off to a very #beachtrashy start, unfortunately...

Notice the wildlife below.  This flock of very small birds forage near the water's edge and are prone to pick at the #beachtrash as well...

Stick a fork in it!... Santa Monica State Beach continues to be very filthy with #beachtrash near the water's edge due to the City of Santa Monica neither daily or regularly collecting and disposing of the #beachtrash near the water's edge.

Day after day it goes on and on.  Santa Monica State Beach is absolutely filthy with #beachtrash near the water's edge.

Sooner or later a beach patron or a first responder is going to get hurt and/or injured because of the endemic #beachtrash near the water's edge that the City of Santa Monica continues to intentionally neglect.  When that happens the City is going to have a liability on their hands.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica business owner

(All photos by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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