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Sat, July 8, 2017: Santa Monica Beach Trash Report

Introduction: The Horror...

Below, a family that likely has just paid $10 or more to park their car at the beach parking lot nearby, sets up their beach kit near the water's edge and the father, at left, has to clean up the beach of the multiple discarded glass bottles of beer that littered the beach right next to the famed Santa Monica Pier.  The only upside here to this sad and pathetic story of the City of Santa Monica not cleaning up the #beachtrash is that this father is by his actions teaching his children to clean up #beachtrash.

Dateline: Saturday morning, July 8, 2017, at and after 9 a.m. along Santa Monica State Beach between the Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park, I walked along the shoreline and took photos and a video of the horrendous amount of #beachtrash left uncollected and not disposed of by the City of Santa Monica from the day before.  Furthermore, at no time during the entirety of Saturday, July 8th did the City of Santa Monica have anyone walk along the shoreline south of the pier to pick ANY of this observed #beachtrash up and dispose of it.

This is yet another indication of the continuing failure of the City of Santa Monica to address the #beachtrash near the water's edge AND of the City's continuing misrepresentation that it does so EVERY DAY.


excerpt:  City of Santa Monica Mayor Ted Winterer stated, on June 17, 2017, and I quote:  

“The City of Santa Monica has a dedicated beach maintenance team that uses specialized equipment and handpicking to keep the beaches clean every day.”... (emphasis added).

comment:  I call “baloney!” 

Below are the photos and videos which show the extensive #beachtrash such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, etc., as well as plant debris, including sharp shafts of bamboo, which continue to litter the tide line and continue to threaten the public health and safety. 

*** Video Alert ! ***

#Beachtrash Beside The Santa Monica Pier, The Horror, The Sequel: The Video    

Above and below, these two photos are included to show how much of a treasure this State Beach is and why it is so unfortunate that the City of Santa Monica does not use its "best efforts" to hand pick up the #beachtrash EVERY DAY near the water's edge.  In my opinion, the City just does not care about this amazing natural resource, except of course to collect its beach parking fees...

Plant debris, separate and apart from the sea weed, is not collected or removed and disposed of by the City of Santa Monica even occasionally.  The bamboo is particularly dangerous to feet because of its sharp edges. Tree branches are also left for the general public to avoid.  The maintenance of this public State beach is absolutely atrocious.

Below, you've just paid TEN DOLLARS to park at the beach parking lot and this is what you get to see when you walk down to the water's edge...  Thank you, City of Santa Monica.

Below, just look that this spectacular natural resource that is Santa Monica State Beach. As the custodian of this State Beach, why is the City of Santa Monica not using its "best efforts" to clean up and remove the #beachtrash and plant debris, etc. near the water's edge EVERY DAY as it has stated that it does?... but which it obviously does not do!

Below, this large pier piling piece of driftwood has been on the beach here along Santa Monica State Beach for several days now and previously photographed and has yet to be collected and removed by the City of Santa Monica.  What may happen, however, is that the tide may carry it out into the surf line where someone could be hit by it in the head resulting in significant risk of injury! It has sharp edges and it could cause a horrific puncture wound it is hit someone straight on from either end.

Apparently, the City of Santa Monica is also unable to read a "tide book"... which could be read and used to schedule the cleaning up of #beachtrash at lower tides...  Nevertheless, the City HAS figured out how to collect beach parking fees SEVEN DAYS A WEEK...

In the 3 photos below, a beach lifeguard as part of his opening procedures at 11 a.m. at Tower #18, collects #beachtrash inside his orange coned emergency vehicle access area surrounding his tower that he establishes as part of the opening procedures.  Question: If beach lifeguards do their part in removing #beachtrash from their lifeguard tower area, why can't the City of Santa Monica take responsibility for it's overall obligation and duty to hand pick up and dispose of #beachtrash, plant debris, etc. near the water's edge on Santa Monica State Beach?!...

More plant debris above and below, esp. bamboo which can cut feet and cause bleeding, infections or worse.  Thank you, City of Santa Monica for your continued apathetic attitude toward maintaining a clean and safe beach for the general public that is your obligation to do.

All of this plant debris (NOT including sea weed) should be raked up and removed from the beach so that the general pubic, esp. small children are not injured by stepping on it.

The beaches of Manhattan Beach do not look like this!... but then Manhattan Beach loves their beach and respects it by keeping it clean and safe.  That is my opinion, anyways.

The City of Santa Monica has shown over and over and over... to be incapable of maintaining Santa Monica State Beach near the water's edge so that it is clean and safe for the general public on a daily basis.  The City of Santa Monica does not deserve to be the custodian of this natural resource.  The State of California in turn is negligent in its supervision of the City's role as the beach custodian.  The State Attorney General, Xavier Becerra, should immediately investigate this matter and make recommendations to the Governor's Office and State Assembly so that the public health, safety and welfare of the general public is no longer at risk of injury.  That is my opinion, anyways.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Concerned citizen,
Attorney at law,
and business owner in the City of Santa Monica

(All photos and video by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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