Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017: Santa Monica Beach Trash Report

Dateline: Wed., July 5, 2017 at and after 12:30 pm along the shoreline at Santa Monica State Beach between the Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park at Lifeguard Tower #26.  Here are the photos of the #beachtrash I observed between the berm and the water's edge.  None of this #beachtrash near the water's edge has been picked up as yet by the City of Santa Monica, in spite of the recent published statement by its Mayor that #beachtrash is hand picked up by City staff EVERY DAY.

There remains a lot of plant debris that should be removed from the water's edge and along the berm. The bamboo, in particular, has sharp edges and can cause cuts to the foot.  The City knows this and yet it does not regularly clean up and remove this foreign plant matter from the shoreline where the beach going public congregates.  This continued failure to do so represents a continuing public health and safety issue that remains unresolved.

Above and below, a dead bird near the water's edge.  How did the City miss that today?  Because the City does not, in fact, hand pick up #beachtrash, etc. EVERY DAY.

Check out the scattered red cups on the berm in the photo below.  How difficult would it be for the City to see these and stop and pick them up and dispose of them AS IT IS THE CITY'S JOB TO DO?!...

Dead bird remains #2 for the day, below!...

Below, a pile of plant debris mixed in with some sea weed remains on the beach as a nuisance and public health and safety risk...

If I can observed all of this #beachtrash, why can't the City see it and remove it?!...  And the answer is... because the City is not hand picking up #beachtrash EVERY DAY near the water's edge.

Nice, a used diaper below along the berm for beach patrons to experience...

If just ONE PERSON from the City were dropped off at the border with Venice, Calif. and then walked north towards the Santa Monica Pier, they could pick up this #beachtrash that is right out in the open and near the water's edge.  If the City can staff the beach parking lots with attendants collecting $$$ for beach parking, then the City should be able to staff the water's edge with employees to hand pick up #beachtrash.

Tree branches, as below, remain near the water's edge. This plant debris that washes up on shore needs to be removed by the City of Santa Monica. It represents a public health and safety hazard, esp. to small children.

More bamboo, below.  This is not natural to the beach.  It needs to be removed because it has sharp edges and represents a public health and safety hazard.  The City is on notice of this as well.

This large piece of driftwood needs to be removed by the City of Santa Monica.  This should not have to be explained to the City over and over and over. This is obviously a public health and safety hazard. It does not belong on the beach. A small child and children could be injured because of its presence on the beach. If it gets collected by the next high tide, it could hit someone in the surf line as it rolls around.

The City of Santa Monica continues to do a poor job of removing and disposing of #beachtrash, dead birds, plant debris, etc. along Santa Monica State Beach and it is unlikely to change, in spite of City statements to the contrary.

The City is on notice of its continuing deficient #beachtrash removal near the water's edge.  At some point, unfortunately, someone is going to suffer an injury because of this persistent #beachtrash.  Good luck to the City of Santa Monica in avoiding liability.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Concerned citizen, and
Santa Monica business owner

(All photos by & Copyright William Maguire 2017.)

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