Sunday, October 23, 2016

Santa Monica Beach Trash: The Horror!...

Dateline:  Sunday morning, October 23, 2016 at approximately 8:30 a.m... along Santa Monica Beach between the Santa Monica Pier and Ocean Park...  The sheer volume of #beachtrash this morning was absolutely atrocious!  Staggering no longer describes the volume and extent of the trash left behind by beach patrons adjacent to the water's edge.  See for yourself in the voluminous photos and videos shot this morning and again early this afternoon just past 12:30 pm when we returned to see if the City of Santa Monica had picked any of it up.


*** Video Alert ! ***

Santa Monica Beach Trash, 10.23.2016: Video #1

*** Video Alert ! ***

Santa Monica Beach Trash, 10.23.2016: Video #2

Perhaps the Chamber of Commerce and City Hall, as well as the Santa Monica Pier might want to post this following photo...

And in the two photos immediately below, we once again find the very same discarded pack of MAVERICK® cigarettes yet to be collected or otherwise disposed of by the City of Santa Monica's small but mighty workers that are said to walk this section of the beach by the water's edge hand picking up the trash...

Below, a broken glass bottle next to lifeguard tower #18...

Below, we stop a moment to enjoy the view and observe some surfers who just completed their morning surf session...

and then we completed our a.m. audit of Santa Monica Beach Trash and continued on our way to Venice Beach to take a swim... returning to Santa Monica 4 hours later to check up on the #beachtrash adjacent to the Santa Monica Pier to see if the City of Santa Monica had its workers hand pick any of the trash in the four (4) plus hours we were away...  

Below are the photos and videos we took shortly after 12:30 pm which shows how much #beachtrash is still on the beach by the pier with which beach patrons, including children and families, have to share the beach. 

*** Video Alert ! ***

Santa Monica Beach Trash, 10.23.2016: Video #3         

(note: this video was taken just after 12:30 pm)...


And then we walked up onto the Santa Monica Pier to get a look at all of the #beachtrash as visitors would be able to see it...

*** Video Alert ! ***

Santa Monica Beach Trash, 10.23.2016: Video #4


This completes our #beachtrash audit for Sunday, October 23, 2016.  If you visit Santa Monica Beach and are disgusted at the City's failure to clean up the trash adjacent to the water's edge, we respectfully request that you contact the City of Santa Monica.  

To reiterate, our ultimate goal is to get the City of Santa Monica to actually hand pick up the #beachtrash at the water's edge as it has said it does, but as these photos and our multiple audits reveal is just not happening.

Respectfully submitted,

William Maguire,
Santa Monica, Calif.

(All photos and videos by & Copyright William Maguire 2016.)

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